Baofengdigital specializes in manufacturing and marketing civil popular electronic products in North American.


We are the authorized distributor of BaoFeng products(UV-5R 8W and UV-82 8W). We are not only selling BaoFeng but also we have taken the time to improve BaoFeng series for everybody. When you buy through BaoFengdigital.com, you are supporting popular and cost-effective radios and advancements from the affordable radio movement. We pay attention to every single detail for each of our product and all of our service. We are BaoFeng distributor who sells BaoFeng products from BaoFeng original factory. We take pride in what we sell, we know our products, We don’t just market our products, but we trust and rely on our product!

We offer high quality, reasonable price, best customer service, detailed technical support for our loyal customers. Our business based in North American. Baofengdigital for all in North American.

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